Who We Are

IT’S A WILDLIFE – Nature and Wildlife Photography was created in 2006 as a vehicle that would enable myself and wife Sharon to bring attention to the immediate need for protection of the natural world. As human populations increase and natural resources are stretched to breaking point, the environment and all its inhabitants bear the full impact of this change. Directly affected are native animals that have evolved over time with an ever changing planet, but now find themselves pushed into smaller and smaller pockets of fragmented habitat and struggle to adapt to this rapid and unprecedented event.

Working together with environmental groups across Australia, IT’S A WILDLIFE is helping to raise funds and much needed awareness for conservation projects and recovery programs, essential to protect remaining ecosystems from vanishing forever.

IT’S A WILDLIFE is committed to producing unique images of Australia’s more rare and threatened flora and fauna; inspiring, captivating and creating compassion for all life on earth.

Don’t change your environment; Allow your environment to change you!